Thursday, 6 March 2014


VHS ATE MY BRAIN, my 7th book, is finally available to order! It's taken longer to get this one out than my previous books due to some big life changes since the release of my last book, BAGGED AND BOARDED, but the wait is over and the book can finally be released.

Inspired by the HORROR VHS COLLECTORS UNITE Facebook group and collectors around the world, VHS ATE MY BRAIN is the chronicle of a life spent in front of too many bad movies on that much cherished and equally maligned dead format, along with a look a number of the films which shaped the era of cult video entertainment.

It's been a blast to write, and is a very personal book which devolves into my obsession with bad films and dusty old video tapes. It's my way of giving something back to a scene which has brought me so much pleasure in recent years.

The initial run of VHS ATE MY BRAIN is available as a limited edition signed and numbered 6x9 paperback, limited to just 100 copies. There are currently two ways you can get hold of them, with a third to follow very soon!

Eighty copies of the signed and numbered paperback of VHS ATE MY BRAIN are available directly from the author – just visit the order page to get yours! The books are £6.99 plus postage in the UK and $10.99 plus postage for the rest of the world. Please allow 7 days for UK delivery and 14 days for overseas delivery (as the books are produced to order, shipped to the author and back out once signed). 

Visit the VHS ATE MY BRAIN order page!

Ten copies of VHS ATE MY BRAIN are available on eBay as bundles, each including a signed copy of the book along with a vintage VHS tape from the author's private archive and a rare VHS era cult film magazine. Each bundle auction starts at £9.99 plus postage. See the bundles on eBay UK!

Ten copies of VHS ATE MY BRAIN will soon be available from the store of the US-based cover artist Josh Schafer (boss of the awesome LUNCHMEAT VHS FANZINE), signed by both author Andrew Hawnt (me!) and Josh! More news on this one very soon!


The standard unsigned paperback and Kindle version of the book will be available via Amazon next month.

Note: All funds made from sales of VHS ATE MY BRAIN will go towards preparing for the arrival of my second child in August. Thanks so much for checking the book out. I hope you enjoy it.

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