Monday, 6 October 2014


A STOLEN FATE, my debut full length novel, is available to order now! Paperback and Kindle editions are available from Amazon sites around the world.

It's been a long and strange journey completing this story and being the only person who has been around these characters until now, and it's a weird feeling finally sharing Louise, Mercy, Veil, Vincent, Brandon, Eve, Fate and the others with you now. It's a good feeling though.

A dark urban fantasy story with a UK edge, it follows the young lady called Louise and the strange world she uncovers when she wakes up after her own murder…

Check it out at the links below, or at the Amazon local to you. 

Dear retail stores: Feel free to stock the book! You can find it via Createspace's wholesale service. 

A Stolen Fate: The Soundtrack 

 Ok, so it's not an official soundtrack as such, but these are some of the songs which helped to me to finish the novel. The bias is towards alternative rock and gothic metal, which fits the book perfectly. You can purchase the MP3s from the widget below the playlist.

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