Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Hey all! Wow, I haven't posted here since August? Time flies when your life changes. My second son was born in late August, and thus with the day job, the freelancing, the novel and a very full family life, posts here became hard things to maintain.


My debut full length novel, A STOLEN FATE, is coming out on Monday on Amazon sites worldwide! The pre-order for the Kindle edition is currently live at this link, and the paperback will be available to order on the day of release, Monday the 6th of October.

The Kindle version of the book will remain at that loooowww price until the end of the year.

I would be massively grateful to you if you'd be kind enough to check it out. If the book sells a certain secret number, then future stories in that universe, and indeed the rest of the things that make up my writing career, will be able to continue.

There's so much I want to tell you in future titles. I really look forward to you continuing to join me on this journey.

Thank you so much. For everything.

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