Friday, 10 July 2015

BLOODSTRIKE #1 - Image Comics

Image Comics 
Story and art: Rob Liefeld 
Colours: Jeremy Colwell 

I picked this up mainly due to nostalgia. I'd read bunch of BLOODSTRIKE comics in their original 1990s guise, and figured it would be fun to revisit those overly muscular purveyors of violence and one-liners again. Written and drawn by the much maligned yet actually pretty solid Rob Liefeld, this is an M rated version of Bloodstrike rather than the initial version I remember.

Thus there's a hell of a lot of gratuitous gore (including Cabbot chewing his own arm off in an early scene), nudity and swearing, which took me right out of the issue and ultimately soured the title for me. The art is exactly how it was in the nineties, which was cool to see and my favourite thing about the issue.

The story is decent, as are the panels of stylised action, but the giant penises and severed heads on display weren't really what I wanted to lay money down for. I still have a lot of love for Liefeld (he drew a ton of the comics which grabbed my attention back in the day), but I won't be following this series further. Sorry fella!


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