Saturday, 11 July 2015


Secret Wars #4 
Marvel Comics 
Writer: Jonathan Hickman 
Art: Esad Ribic

I'm really not a big fan of massive event stories like Secret Wars, Convergence and the like, as I feel they sometimes take the focus away from great stories and instead overloads the reader with continuity, not to mention very quickly draining the wallet of the reader very quickly.

That said, there have been some very strong comics coming out of Marvel's current Secret Wars event, such as A-Force, X-Men 92 and the main title itself.

I've started checking Secret Wars out at the recommendation of a good friend and I haven't been disappointed. The idea of a patchwork world ruled by an omnipotent Doom is intriguing, and the main title is being handled well.

This issue deals mainly with the relationship between Doom and Strange, with another very familiar face arriving in the latter half of the book. This is a good approach for this stage of the story, as it stops things becoming overly confusing with the countless realities mashed together into one world.

The script and art are solid, and while it's part of an event story which rebuilds a universe from chunks of other realities, it's surprisingly low-key. Now at the halfway point, it'll be interesting to see how this epic story is brought to a suitable close. A good issue, but not one which rocked my world.


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