Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Writing Life Is A Busy Life

Wow, this month is disappearing so fast. Hell, the whole YEAR is. Busy times abound lately, with the day job, family and home stuff going on, the magazine, comics and more. It's been hard finding the time for the book projects lately, but I'm trying to get a few words in here and there wherever I can. After all, you're not really a writer unless you do the writing.

There's a lot going on in my head as well as outside of it, which is bringing up some interesting dilemmas. My non-fiction projects are way more popular than my fiction at present, so the idea that I should focus on that more instead of the stories is nagging at me somewhat.

The thing is, my dream has always been to write fiction. Thus the dilemma of selling books Vs writing what means the most to me.

Having said that, I don't mean the non-fiction/pop culture titles don't mean just as much to me, but fiction was always the main thing I wanted to do. That's the thing which makes my imagination explode.

Changes to my home and work routines have also meant that I've had to try and rework any form of writing schedule I previously had, which has resulted in me having a temporary backlog of Other Stuff I Need To Finish. The sites I write for haven't had much content from me of late, which I'll be rectifying shortly, and the books I have on the go at present aren't getting much closer to completion.

It's been said to me on many occasions that I take too much work on. This usually comes from the same people who don't understand why I write some material which I know I won't get pid for. I can't refuse to write something because it doesn't pay. If I think a gig will be fun to do, then I'll do it for the enjoyment and experience more than thoughts of financial gain.

Maybe that's what I should remind myself with the fiction, actually. Maybe I should focus a bit more on that again and get some more out there. Thus far in 2015 I've had numerous magazine pieces and interviews out alongside some online content and two comic book stories being picked up, but no book releases yet.

One book is ready to go, a novella is 2/3 done and my next full-length novel is also around the 2/3 mark. I may out all three of these out simultaneously. There's something I haven't done before. That could be fun.

I mean, if it's not fun, if it doesn't bring satisfaction or some form of enlightenment, then what would the point be?

Time to go tell myself some stories. And then you.

Catch you soon. - Andy

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