Friday, 1 September 2017


Noooo! I just heard that Dark Matter, by far my favourite show that doesn't have Time Lords in it, has been cancelled by SyFy. This is a great shame, as after three series, Dark Matter had a fully developed universe which was just aching to be explored further.

Blessed with a phenomenal cast, exemplary writing and production, it perfectly managed a mix of action, adventure, intrigue and brilliant characters without constant huge set pieces. It had scope, genuinely developed character relationships, a complex back story and the ability to shock and surprise without resorting to cheap gimmicks.

While its origins lie in comics, the TV version of Dark Matter firmly cemented itself as the definitive article over those three seasons, and it is such a sad thought that it won't get the ending that it deserves.

I would implore SyFy to at least give Dark Matter a real ending. Don't leave it hanging like Defiance. Give it closure. I don't mean on the scale of what Serenity did for Firefly, rather what The PeaceKeeper Wars did for Farscape. Complete it. Give it the bookend that the fans, the cast and the creators deserve.

We've come this far on the journey of the Raza and its fascinating crew – incidentally, one of the most diverse and complex crews of any genre show in history. Could we at least get a goodbye the crew of that infamous ship can use for their final moment of redemption and glory? Those glimpses of the future of the Dark Matter universe were too tantalising. Let's see what happens.


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