Sunday, 29 May 2011

Night Ranger - "Somewhere In California" - Can't wait for this!

The new Night Ranger album, "Somewhere In California" is out in June from Frontiers Records, and it's sounding pretty spectacular. The band have kicked out some classic melodic rock that evokes their 80s heyday while still looking to the future.

Check out the EPK for the new album below, and then check out first single 'Growing up in california' after that for a taste of good old fashioned rock with sunshine in its veins! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this.

Friday, 27 May 2011

DEAD THING is now available to order!

My new novella, DEAD THING, is now available to order online! This brutal horror story is the first in a new series from me, and introduces you to the eccentric and ludicrously powerful psychic Patrick Lambert, who you'll be seeing again in more stories.

The novella is available NOW as a 6x9 paperback with a full colour cover created by artist extraordinaire Richard Woollatt!

Click here to order your copy!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Richie Sambora - "Ballad of Youth"

I'm going to start sharing some tunes that shaped me and directed me towards becoming a music journalist. First up it the first video released from Richie Sambora's sublime 1991 solo album 'Stranger in this town'.

Awesome song.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who: A match made on Gallifrey

After all the build-up and excitement surrounding Neil Gaiman (aka @neilhimself)’s episode of Doctor Who, “The Doctor’s Wife”, fandom can breathe a collective, satisfied sigh. That was quite possibly one of the most special and uplifting examples of genre TV that has been on our screens in many years.

I watched it next to a 5 year old and my lady, which is a heck of a test for anything I want to see, but the 5 year old loved it and even my girl enjoyed it, and she’s a tough one to entertain. Granted, she kept on mentioning that she couldn’t shake the idea of Suranne Jones having been in Coronation Street for so long, but for the most part she behaved. It’s like the idea of the bloke from Home and away being Thor- mad, but perfect.

The episode was perfectly formed to these eyes- a well-paced script, a great cast and the fulfilment of something that has long been craved for by a lot of people (all I’ll say is CORRIDORS!). It had everything that Saturday evening TV needs in its diet; comedy, excitement and a lot of heart. The Mill supplied some glorious visual effects in order to bring Gaiman’s lovely script to life, and the look of the whole thing was just sumptuous.

Matt Smith and the gang really get their teeth into the story too, and it really felt like one of those moments where everything falls into place and works perfectly. The performance of Suranne Jones as Idris brought to mind Queenie from Blackadder and a fictional Helena Bonham-Carter, and her chemistry with Matt Smith’s increasingly wonderful 11th Doctor was a joy to behold. The links to the classic series and the new era were mixed in beautifully, and this episode is possibly the perfect thing for a new viewer to watch. It has everything.

“The Doctor’s Wife” is a beautiful episode of Doctor Who, but it is also a fantastic example of how family entertainment can be just scary enough for kids whilst still being compelling viewing for adults. No matter how many witty tweets I put up to @neilhimself, they’ll get lost in the million and a half followers he has, so instead I’ll say it here: Thanks you, Mr. Gaiman, for doing us Doctor Who fans, old and young, proud, and also to Steven Moffatt and everyone else involved for giving one 5 year old the best bedtime story ever.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

An evening with China Mieville

I, along with a room full of similarly minded folks, just spent the evening in the company of a certain China Mieville, the man behind such contemporary speculative classics as Perdido Street Station, Un Lun Dun, The City & The City and others. He’s currently touring in support of his latest novel, Embassytown, and visited the events room on the top floor of the city’s huge branch of Waterstone’s a few streets from my home. Mr Mieville gave us a short reading from the new book, followed by a fascinating Q&A session and finally a signing session.
I didn’t ask anything tonight as I was happy to just observe, but the Q&A was both entertaining and insightful, and I could have spent the whole night just listening to the man speak, he gives such great answers to audience questions. What really caught me about him was his clear and honest love for popular culture and indeed internet culture, as demonstrated by multiple references to Buffy, Transformers and Star Wars and ‘net life itself.
China is a gifted public speaker who mixes humour and wit very well into the most in-depth of answers. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, capped by the chance to meet China personally and have a brief chat while he signed my freshly purchased copy of Embassytown. I thanked him for Un Lun Dun, which acted as something of a catalyst for me in being inspired to finally get the fiction I’ve been working on out there, and he was supportive of my efforts to find an agent. It's that and books like it which continue to drive me onwards.

Being able to listen to one of the genre’s brightest lights talk in depth about his work and his methods was massively inspirational, and far cheaper than a night at the pub! Huge thanks to Waterstone’s Nottingham for hosting such a lovely event and to China Mieville for being so open and friendly with the crowd. This was the first event of its type I’ve been to, but I’ll certainly be going to more.

Anyway, back to writing, dreaming and living.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

ARCH ENEMY: Angela Gossow interview in the next issue of Powerplay!

I had the pleasure of a very interesting conversation with Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow recently, and the text of that conversation will be available in full in the next issue of Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine!

My chat with Angela was kindly set up by the good folks at Century Media Records, and as a huge Arch Enemy fan I jumped at the chance. Angela was fascinating to talk to, as you'll discover at the end of the month when the next issue lands!

The new Arch Enemy album, "KHAOS LEGIONS" will be out soon from Century Media, and I can assure you it's one of the best modern metal albums you will hear this year. My full review will also be in the next issue with the interview.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DEAD THING is complete!

I've been quiet on the blogging front this week folks, due to trying to get DEAD THING, my new horror novella, completed for you! The book has now been finished and after one final revision/edit/check, it will be on its way to be formatted and made available!

DEAD THING is intended as a horror movie in prose form, a fast-paced and brutal supernatural shocker that I hope will give you some bad dreams ;)

More news very soon!!!