Thursday, 18 August 2016


Excellent news for horror fans in the US! SCREAM Horror Magazine - the home of my VHS ATE MY BRAIN retro cult film column - will be hitting the shelves at Barnes & Noble stores next month!
This is amazing news, as I really feel that Scream has a lot to offer horror fans in the States, possibly with a slightly different flavour to US based genre magazines. It's an honour to be in those pages, and I hope that US readers will love the mag as much as fans over here in the UK do!

I've had various things available in America in the past, but the thought that my VHS column may be seen by likeminded individuals there is a genuine treat. The VHS scene in the US is far more rabid than it is here in the UK, with sites, events, magazines and new releases still doing the rounds for the faithful.

So if you check our VHS ATE MY BRAIN in the pages of the next issue of SCREAM, please do drop by and say hello!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Writing On

So a couple of months ago I retired from music journalism with a view to allowing more time for other projects and also to help with day to day schedules (I'm a daddy and also work full time). I had a spectacular final hurrah and tried to plan a new schedule. Of course, the writing life is an unpredictable one, as I'm often at the mercy of what my chaotic brain throws out at me.

This has ended up with me finally sitting down to write a new book, which I'm now well into. I've posted a little about it elsewhere, but will give full details of it here soon. It's called METALHEAD: A ROCK AND METAL MEMOIR and chronicles 25 years spent as a rocker, including 9 years spent interviewing rock stars and reviewing hundreds and hundreds of albums and a look at what rock and metal means to its fans and bands. That's turning out to be a lot of fun.

While that's going on, there's my film column, the comic books I've been writing and other stuff here and there. I really want to get a ton more titles out there. My head is bursting with stuff I want to tell you, and there are numerous files I'm desperate to finish for you, but time and opportunity are often not all that easy to come by.

But I carry on. I carry on because I love it and I have to get these things out of my head to make room for other things like remembering to get dressed and figuring out how to keep myself sane while commuting. The stories are coming, but the time to get them finished and polished is hard to come by due to the billion other commitments I have.

I shall do it, though. We write on because we have to. It's natural and we can't stop. Here's to getting there. Eventually.