Monday, 23 April 2012

SIDEWAYS: A film I can always trust

I was introduced to the movie SIDEWAYS by my old housemate, Chris, a graphic designer with far more conventional taste in films than my own. I don't usually go in for comedy-dramas such as this, but something about it really struck a chord, and continues to do so. Chris kept telling me how much like Paul Giamatti's character (Miles) I was, and he had a point.

 Miles is a struggling writer with a catalogue of personal issues and neuroses, with a skewed sense of his own worth and a hobby which is more of an obsession (in Miles' case it's wine. I guess mine would be vintage VHS horror movies or ancient SF pulps).

The film has taken a place alongside High Fidelity, Clerks 2 and The Breakfast Club as one of the films I can always trust to be there when I need something to relate to or find some solace in. I guess I'll always see myself as a bit of a loser, a bit of an oddball outsider, but where's the problem with that? I'm me. It's just my life seems a bit more sideways than a lot of other people. Cheers Chris, I needed that, mate.

TRIXTER - "Tattoos & Misery" video

It's always good to hear a classic band come back from out of nowhere with something this strong. Melodic rock is alive and well, thanks to bands new and old.

ZX Spectrum turns 30

Wow... the ZX Spectrum has hit 30 years old. Man, I feel ancient now. Like many other people in their thirties and beyond, I had a ZX Spectrum back in the day, and at the time it seemed like the absolute apex of computing technology. Who can forget the sound of a game loading up, or those undulating coloured bars? Those classic blocky graphics and limited beep-boop noises? Ah, nostalgia. You help us forget how clunky the past was. Heh.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Release! BAGGED AND BOARDED: LIFE ON PLANET GEEK - out now for Kindle!

My sixth book, BAGGED AND BOARDED: LIFE ON PLANET GEEK is out now for the Kindle and Kindle Apps! A funny, moving, chaotic chronicle of my nine years spent working in a busy comic shop, it's a book a lot of people have asked me to write for several years.

Think of it as both a Time Capsule and an Exorcism. That place meant so much to me, but it also sent me ever so slightly insane.

This book, including all of the ridiculous things that happened to myself and my colleagues during nine years of geeing out, is intended as a love letter to that time as well as a look at how mad life can be when you work in retail.

It does have a comics and film geek bias, but anyone who has ever worked in a shop will find stuff here they can relate to.

Click on the cover or the text below to purchase and download your copy!