Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: IN FAITH - 'There's a Storm Coming'

“There's A Storm Coming” 
Genre: Melodic Rock 
Rocktopia Records 

After reading a number of reviews essentially deeming this to be the Second Coming, I figured I should really check it out for myself and see what the fuss was about. Was the hyperbole just that? Something had to be up. Surely nothing could legitimately get that many good reviews and such a wave of positivity, could it?

Actually it could.

The quality of the debut In Faith album is astounding. The songwriting, performances and production are all phenomenal. As soon as 'Radio' gallops out of the speakers sounding like the lovechild of UFO and Steelhouse Lane, you know you're in for a hell of a good time. This is melodic hard rock played with massive amounts of passion and truckloads of talent.

While the guitars of Tony Marshall and the drums of Pete Newdeck are both sensational, it's the truly stunning voice of frontman/bassist Pete Godfrey which sends the quality soaring ever higher. Songs like first single 'Does It Feel Like Love', 'Where I Wanna Be' and 'Addicted' are all prime quality rock anthems, but the golden pipes of Mr Godfrey turn them into instant classics.

Evoking bands like Tyketto, W.E.T., Eclipse and Kansas as well as the aforementioned UFO and Steelhouse Lane, the music of In Faith has the perfect blend of riffs and melodies. Tony Marshall is a brilliant guitarist who shines on every track, his solos having a superb balance of shred and structure, and his chunky rhythm playing is so satisfying it's basically like a big pie. A big guitar pie. Make what you will of that simile.

But great musicianship (and a powerful mix) are nothing without the songs to back them up, and thankfully that's what is at the heart of the In Faith sound; Great songs. 'All Or Nothing' and 'A Million Ways' are later standouts, while closing track 'Bitter End' leaves you with anything but a bitter musical aftertaste.

'There's a Storm Coming' is a somewhat misleading title. The storm has already arrived, and it's right here on this disc.