Saturday, 9 April 2016

FEMFORCE 174 - Available to order now - hitting stores soon!

Femforce issue 174 is already available to order right now directly from AC Comics, and will be available through comic shops via Diamond Distribution this coming week!

It's an honour and a pleasure to be amongst the creative team for this long-running title, and I really hope that readers enjoy what they find in the 80 pages of brand new action that the issue offers!

Amongst the excitement of the many stories available in this issue is 'The Final Days Of Sirius Quinn', which I wrote and which has been brought to spectacular life by penciller Daniel Gorman and inker Scott Shriver.

It's a jungle adventure story focussing on the heroic giantess Tara, and marks my first time writing for the character. It was a ton of fun, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

 You can find the full rundown of what the whole issue offers over at the AC Comics website, but the ordering details are right here:

 Cover Price: $9.95 UPC: 79947580486117411 Diamond ID: JAN160979 GCIN: 951721

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Thank You For Last Month!

Thank you for March 2016. All of you. It was my biggest month ever since writing for people other than myself, with an estimated 100,000 copies of publications with content I'd written being released during the month (plus thousands of web visits). It was both humbling and a little surreal. Knowing that so many people have been so kind as to check out things I've written is an incredible feeling for a socially inept dreamer like me.

Thank you.

Here's what came out through March 2016 that I was lucky enough to grace the pages of:


Featuring my latest VHS ATE MY BRAIN column, continuing the VHS love which began in my book of the same name.

As well as the usual VHS nostalgia, the films I talk about this issue are ELVES, THE KINDRED, MICROWAVE MASSACRE and NECROPOLIS. Plenty of magnetic mayhem to sink your fangs into – available in print at HMV and Fopp or as a digital edition! 


A very proud moment indeed for me as a Doctor Who fan since 1988 was the arrival of DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES 12, which contained my Paternoster Gang story 'The Case Of The Curious Fugitive'. What a pleasure it was to write!

I hope I can return to the pages of DWA one day soon. 


The latest issue of Powerplay contains an interview I did with Metal Church about their superb new album, the vintage metal blast that is 'XI', along with a number of album reviews.

Metal Church were an early favourite of mine when I first got into rock and metal, so the interview was a blast to do. It's a damn fine issue, and the Metal Church piece is in very good company indeed! 


The new issue of Femforce became available to order at the end of the month, and it promises to be a heck of a read for fans old and new.

My contribution in this new issue is 'The Final Days Of Sirius Quinn', a story starring the jungle adventurer/superhero giantess Tara! Pencilled by Daniel Gorman with inks by Scott Shriver, it's an old-school romp inspired by the b-movies of yesteryear. Once again, AC have been so much fun to work with!


I was also lucky enough to get to interview scream queen/actor/writer/director/Vlogger Jessica Cameron for, during which we talked horror movies, acting, film production, life and her movies TRUTH OR DARE and MANIA.

After 8 years of interviewing musicians, this was a fascinating change and a pleasure to do. You can find the full interview here.

The coming months will see more varied releases to come, but I'll talk about those another time. Right now I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for my biggest and most exciting month ever!