Sunday, 29 July 2012


It pleases me music like this continues to be made, and continues to improve. This song's great. Solid band.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: HAYWIRE by Justin R. Macumber

Like action? Like sci-fi? Like fully realized characters in a well-constructed universe? Here's a treat for you. The debut full length novel from podcaster and acclaimed author Justin R. Macumber is a fabulous piece of genre entertainment where all he bases are covered. Excitement? Check. Intrigue? Check. Characterization? Check.

When a breed of super-soldiers once sent out to protect humanity from an alien invasion return to our planet infected with a virus which has turned them against their own world, the fate of everything falls into the hands of a small group of heroes-in-waiting. “Haywire” is certainly the work of an author who is familiar with not only genre fiction, but adventure fiction however it comes.

The writing style evokes David Weber, Larry Niven and a more to-the-point Peter F. Hamilton, and the focus is very much on telling a rip-roaring adventure, without skimping on the characters and settings.

Haywire is not a book for everyone, but it is certainly a superb book for fans of gung-ho science fiction excitement which harkens back to the days when space opera was at the forefront of the genre.

That's not to say it's an old fashioned book - quite the opposite - it's fresh and new and contemporary, but it holds within its pages all the elements which made Star Wars, Farscape, Stargate and so many more franchises strike such a chord with fans. Buy it and enjoy.

HAYWIRE on Amazon UK  (Paperback and Kindle)
HAYWIRE on Amazon US (Paperback/audiobook) Kindle Edition

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


A story which has been released in several forms over the years, as part of anthologies or as a book in its own right, Jack Vance's novella was originally published in Galaxy magazine in 1962. I've just read it for the first time, in a copy of The Hugo Winners 1963-1967, and absolutely loved it.

The mixture of science fiction and fantasy tropes (an alien invasion, quarrelling natives, a group of new-age thinkers, dragons, massive battles and terrifying weapons alongside much more) was melded together into one of the most coherent novellas I've ever read.

Joaz Banbeck and Ervis Carcolo are two wonderfully formed characters, completely at loggerheads for the duration of the story, while the hippy-ish, naked Sacerdotes watch on as the world around them tears itself to pieces with internal conflict as well as external invasion from the chilling, strange race known as the Basics.

Social commentary seems to be a powerful motivation with the story, and the reader is invited to draw their own conclusions as to which party is in the right.

While the language and the format of the story has indeed dated a little, the power that it carries has not. The Dragon Masters is an extremely entertaining science fiction/fantasy novella, which I cannot recommend highly enough to lovers of genre fiction.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Explorers: Beyond The Horizon, the Science Fiction/Fantasy anthology featuring my story “Beneath An Orange Sky” is out NOW! I am most proud to be part of a book with such talented writers and editors, and I hope that everyone who checks it out enjoys it.

Featuring a wealth of original stories in which the main character is/has been forever changed by far-off and thrilling new places, it's a unique and exciting book which will make you think, gasp, weep and applaud.

It's available NOW in paperback and a huge range of ebook formats. What's more, if you order the paperback version, you can get the ebook in the format of your choice for FREE!!!

Details on how to do that, and a full rundown of the authors involved in this new book from Positronic Creations can be found at the Dead Robots' Society podcast's page for Explorers: Beyond The Horizon. So please do check it out and help to support the future of genre fiction! 

Some of the fine places you can find the book:

Explorers: Beyond The Horizon paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon UK 

Explorers: Beyond The Horizon paperback edition on Createspace US 

Explorers: Beyond The Horizon paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon US 

(More links and formats available on the above link to the Dead Robots' Society!) 

More new short fiction will surface from me very soon, and I am actively looking for new outlets to help me share some of the odd things that go on in my head...