Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Miss Behaviour - '1988'

Simply a brilliant song from one of the best melodic rock albums I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. I still play this album all the time. Superb.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I am able to reveal the finished cover to my new book, FOR THE FALLEN! Featuring cover model Kelly Purdy, this is the cover that will be adorning both the print version and the Kindle version of the book.

FOR THE FALLEN is a direct sequel to my earlier book, DEAD THING, but it can also be read as a standalone story! The book will be released on the Kindle and available to order in paperback from the 3rd of December!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Man Vs Food – Saving The World With Meat

I have recently become a convert to the glorious televisual feast that is Man Vs. Food. This simple but beautiful series follows a gent called Adam as he goes around the US stuffing his face. This is a beautiful thing, despite the drooling that it inspires.

My friends have loved it for ages, but I've only had limited TV viewing time for several years now with work and life, but an episode caught my eye and now, eight or so episodes later, I am as hooked as the rest of them. Granted, I was hooked after that first episode, but it's taken eight for me to stop salivating long enough to tell you about it.

I love food. Food is amazing. It is a pleasure as well as a necessity, and as such shows like Man Vs. Food, which demonstrate a genuine enjoyment of eating and cooking, go to show the world that there is life beyond salad.

The gargantuan food challenges are insane, yes, but check out all that free advertising those independent businesses are getting. It's a superb idea. Adam fills his face with delicious treats and businesses get their name and their wares out there for the world to see.

I do bet that the show has caused an increase in sales of chillies, massive steaks, huge sandwiches and antacid tablets in recent times, though.

See? Eating until you explode may be bad for you, but it's awesome for the global economy. Which leads me to the only real conclusion there is – If you eat some big thick burgers, you will pull the world out of the recession. Do it for future generations. Eat, drink and be merry in the name of saving the world.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I am a massive fan of Doctor Who. Twenty-three years ago I saw my first episode at the age of ten, and nobody can have been as pleased as me when the show returned to TV in 2005. Since then I've watched with pride as this battered old TV series not only came back stronger than ever, it became a respected part of the entertainment industry, the toy industry and the hearts and minds of millions worldwide.

Now comes news that Harry Potter director David Yates is set to bring our favourite curious Time Lord to the big screen, in a film that will exist outside of the TV continuity and recast the Doctor with a new lead. Erm, what? While Yates would undoubtedly bring a great deal of class to a Doctor Who film, there's no need for one.

As much fun as Doctor Who film rumours have always been, if you think about it, the show just wouldn't work as a film. Yes, I know there were two Doctor Who films in the sixties, but those Peter Cushing films were patchy affairs at best, and of course, out of the TV continuity. They're nice curios, but not considered much more than that by most of the audience that still remembers they even exist.

A new Doctor Who movie should be part of current continuity, even if it includes past and future versions of the Doctor himself as he faces down whatever threat the film's plot brings. Otherwise, all you essentially have is very expensive fan-fiction that will quickly fade into obscurity. Plus, it has the potential to kill the TV franchise stone dead if it's a stinker.

Ever heard if a book called The Nth Doctor? It covers almost all of the failed attempts to make a Doctor Who film over the years, including the closest one to being made, 'The Dark Dimension', back in '93 or so. Nobody has been able to make a Doctor Who film work, as the format is just too erratic and unpredictable to work as a single-story narrative that a film would require. Don't do it.

As a long-term fan and also as someone who has followed more failed attempts than I care to mention, just leave it alone. Matt Smith is perfect as the Doctor on TV, and there's no need for another incarnation just yet.

However... If there is no way for this project to be cancelled and forgotten, then here are five suggestions for actors who could play the Doctor with brilliant results.


So, five actors who would be brilliant are...


He has the skill, and certainly has the otherworldly look of a Time Lord. He's a versatile actor with a unique presence, and is my first thought for a big-screen Doctor. Look at those eyes! Complete Time Lord.


My girlfriend suggested Paddy, and I have to agree. He would be a great choice. He has a unique look and his skills are hugely underrated. I think he'd be a revelation to everyone.


While he's known more for comedic roles than anything else, Richard would be a spot-on choice for a younger version of the Doctor. He has impeccable timing and... the perfect hair!


Many people have stated that the Doctor could either be black or a woman in another regeneration. I couldn't give a toss as long as they're the right person for the part. I'm suggesting Colin because he's an incredible actor, and he has the most stunningly beautiful voice in the world.


Yup, he was considered for the role of the 11th Doctor but turned it down as he didn't want to commit to the franchise. A feature film would be a far shorter shoot than the TV series, and would give us the chance to see one of the finest actors of this generation tackle the greatest science fiction character in history. It's a role he could do remarkable things with. Basically, he is the Doctor.

However, yeah, don't make it.

But if you do, be sure that Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Paul Cornell write it and Steven produces it.


Saturday, 12 November 2011


Look, I'm sick of this shit. I really am. The X-Factor is controlling you. You're zombies. This staged, fake, pitiful excuse for entertainment is clearly flashing subliminal messages at you in order to make you watch it more, buy the tabloids, buy the celebrity magazines and the autobiographies of children, in order to make up for revenue lost from you stealing MP3s.

That's all this is. It's a massive, karaoke version of THEY LIVE, in which aliens masquerading as humans fed everyone secret messages on giant billboards in order to keep humanity under control. YOU ARE BEING SEDATED. And look at the scum that is inflicted upon us from this rectal explosion.

Look at the headlines as That Talentless Teenage Wanker With Shit Hair Who Did All The Drugs (or just 'Frankie the prick' if you like) gets forced down our throats some more. Look at the relentless shower of crap that is flung at the populace of the country. Listen to those 'songs'. It's like Satan's own version of Stars in their Eyes.

However, there is something that bugs me even more than The X-factor. It's the people that say 'Well don't watch it then,” when I am seething with white-hot rage at MORE AND MORE people succumbing to its mind-control. It's the people that suggest I don't read the tabloids and celebrity magazines then.

I DON'T. I don't watch it. I don't read about it. The thing is, I can't escape it. It's everywhere. It's a disease that millions of people have come down with, like a cold with less amusing snot. I do read newspapers and magazines. I do watch the news. I do read blogs and visit the entertainment pages of sites. This crap is plastered all over it like sunday morning vomit pools around low-end nightclubs.

It is impossible to avoid, which is why it inspires such blazing hatred in me. My solution? Hell, I don't know any more. Maybe it's just time to nuke the entire planet and have done with it. At least we wouldn't have to put up with the 'judges' (who generally have the talent of an average foreskin) looking constipated any more. Bollocks to the lot of you.

Actually, we need Roddy Piper, and don't give him any gum.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Back in business

hey all, apologies for the lack of posts this past week or so. I'm in the middle of doing NaNoWriMo for the fourth year in a row, but will make sure I post new content here for you too. How the hell are you all?

Tony Macalpine - 'Pyrokinesis'

Tony Macalpine is an amazing musician an no mistake. This track is from his current self-titled instrumental CD and as well as being an amazing tune, it's got a guitar tone I would die for.