Wednesday, 30 April 2008

ACROSS THE SEAS OF MIND: Nearing Journey's End

The journey is almost complete. I started compiling older stories and writing brand new ones for inclusion in Across The Seas Of Mind in June last year, and was all set to have it ready within a couple of months. What can I say? Life got in the way. I don't mean regular day-to-day matters though. I'm talking about the worst floods to hit the country in 200 years, which destroyed many peoples' lives. as a result of the floods, I had to give up my home and was thrown into a period of chaos that is only now starting to resemble a life again. In the interim, I became a music journalist for Subba Cultcha, and later POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE too. I kept writing fiction, but after everything that had happened I couldn't really focus on it much. Now I'm making a huge effort to get the book complete and out for you to read. I'm publishing it through as, more than anything, this book was created to prove to myself that I could do it. I know I should be aiming higher, and I am doing so with other material, but I just wanted to create my own anthology in the vein of all those classics of the genre that line my many bookshelves. It has been a personal journey of discovery, perseverance and creativity in the face of difficult odds. The title story has grown into a novella that takes up much of the latter half of the book, and is, quite frankly, the best piece of fiction I've written thus far. Actually, there are several stories in the book that deserve that title.

Where do I go from here? More music journalism, my ebook series (and its possible future in print), and the beginning of a new journey which will see me tackle and submit new novels, including the dark urban fantasy project I have worked on for ten years as well as several brand new ideas. I'm back in the game, and this time I'm making my own rules.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Second episode of my e-book series- Now available!

The second installment of my series of ebooks on making independent movies is now available to purchase for download. My LIGHTS, CAMERA, CHAOS! series continues with tales of the first three films I worked on and the mayhem that went into their creation and ultimate demise.

Lights, Camera, Chaos! By Andrew Hawnt- Episode 2

Writing for the third installment will commence tonight, and plans are afoot for the future of the series upon its completion!

In other news, there are some 'proper' new posts coming soon right here, with new articles and features on science fiction and music. I'll also be posting some reviews of music I've enjoyed recently outside of music journalism, including the most recent albums from metal gods Ayreon and After Forever.

Saturday, 12 April 2008



A new series begins! Lights, Camera, Chaos! Chronicles my time in making zero-budget movies, and also serves as a guide for the budding film creator on how to, and how NOT to, make their low/no budget masterpieces. This initial episode contains the Introduction and first two chapters of the tale. Peppered with anecdotes and hard-learned lessons, the series will cover the chaos both behind and in front of the cameras.

The first part of this new ebook series is priced at 99p and runs to 30 electronic pages.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CHAOS! Episode One is now available via Lulu. Click below to check it out and get your copy!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CHAOS! Adventures in Zero-budget moviemaking- EPISODE ONE ebook

More soon,

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Arthur C. Clarke: One Final Odyssey

It is strange to think that the great man is gone now, after growing to such a grand age and remaining active in his writing and his work for the benefit of his adopted home of Sri Lanka. The giants of science fiction are disappearing, and it is up to us, the fans and writers of this age, to carry on the work they began. We must continue to offer tales of action, drama, suspense and speculative grandeur that helps each new generation take a look at itself and where it may well be heading.

Just days before he passed away, Clarke completed reviewing the final manuscript of a book he had been working on with another science fiction legend (and a personal hero of mine), Frederik Pohl. That book is entitled The Last Theorem and follows the story of a young Sri Lankan mathematician who finds a short proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. Due for release late in 2008 by SF giants Del Rey, the book is important not simply due to Clarke’s death, but also because it brings together two of the finest minds to ever wonder ‘What If…?’ and put their ideas forward to the masses. It seems fitting that this book, showing an obvious love for the place he called home, would be his last, and looks set to be a fitting legacy.

Throughout his long and sometimes controversial life, Clarke brought the world some of the most memorable and important science fiction stories ever written, and also foresaw many aspects of modern life long before they became a reality. It was his skill for putting ordinary people with ordinary motivations into extraordinary situations and making their stories not only enjoyable but wholly believable that will carry his name on for a very long time to come.

It is a sad fact that there will be something of a media circus upon the release of The Last Theorem, but then again, that may be a good thing as it means his final work will be blessed with a wider readership than it would have otherwise garnered. It is very sad that he is gone, but for those new readers, and for those of us that have read him for many years already, it means that his ideas will live on. Not only that, but such is the power of much of his work (2001, Rama, Childhood’s End etc), that future generations will still find much to lose themselves in, and who knows, they may even spot some elements of their day to day lives in the generations- old dreams of Arthur C. Clarke.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


The latest issue of POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE has hit the shelves, and it is another cracking issue. My batch of CDs were superb as ever, and the magazine is going from strength to strength in terms of content. There's fantastic interviews with To-Mera, Tobias Sammet, Dino Cazares, In Flames and tons more metal for your money. My reviews in this month's issue include albums from Cataract, Deranged, Mahatma and Averse Sefira. Next month will see the mag hit over a hundred more branches of WHSmiths!