Sunday, 19 May 2013

Time for a sizeable update... BOOKS, LIFE AND STUFF!

Okay. Stuff is going on and I'm doing all that I can to keep up. It's time for an update on what's going on at Castle Hawnt and what you can expect from me in the coming months. On a personal level I have been rather unwell of late, and will be arranging a hospital visit very soon in order to investigate some stuff. Nothing serious (hopefully) – just annoying and uncomfortable. For those of you that don't know, I got married in February to the mother of my beautiful son at long last. Married life is fantastic so far, and fatherhood continues to be exhausting but incredibly rewarding. So. Onto my current projects to update you on.


I was really hoping to have this out by now. The book is largely written and ready to go, but is lacking a couple of interviews I am yet to carry out and transcribe. As soon as those interviews (with eminent collectors and VHS scene people far cooler than myself) are done, then the book will be ready to roll. A limited initial signed and numbered paperback run will be released alongside the Kindle book, and then once that run is gone a regular version will be made available in paperback too. I am currently considering a launch night event to support it. I'll let you know.


And so, unless those interviews can be scheduled in the near future, the next book from me to see release will be TO BANISH THE DARK. A return to science fiction for me, the novella is an action-packed tale full of tension and a very surprising guest character. This book will be the first of my 'Doubles' releases, i.e. books containing a novella and backed up with an additional novelette. TO BANISH THE DARK will be backed up with the bonus science fiction story FALLING HEAVEN. Again, this will be out in paperback and ebook formats. 


My most popular book so far continues to sell in both formats, for which I am hugely grateful. I am now actively seeking a publisher who would like to take this book to more places than I myself can take it right now. 

It has a lot of potential, and feedback this past year has been massively positive. I am so very proud of that book. And yes, there will be a sequel. 


After my recent cover feature with the GOO GOO DOLLS, my next interviews to see print are with SOUND OF CONTACT and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, which are both great interviews I'm very pleased with.

Next to be done is a chat with SKARLETT RIOT, who in my professional opinion are the very best young band in the UK right now. They deserve every bit of success they get. It is so rare to see a young band get so much stuff so right. The music, the look, the attitude, the live show and the social media presence is all perfectly carried out, and all four members are absolutely lovely people. Check them out:


The second collection of my DIARY OF A GENRE ADDICT pieces will be out soon too, and a new collection of short fiction is in the works, collecting short stories published since my previous collection, ACROSS THE SEAS OF MIND came out along with a new novelette and two new short stories. A full-length novel is being pitched soon as well as a non-fiction book I've wanted to do for years. So. Maybe I should get back to it and get this stuff done. Thanks so much for buying my books. I hope you enjoy the next ones!


I want to write a comic book story. Three issues would be ideal. I've always wanted to do this. If anyone would like a chat about a prospective comic project for an established or new title, please do get in touch @andrewhawnt on Twitter, via Facebook at my author page or by email -

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

James Herbert tribute up at HORRORNEWS.NET

I wanted to write something special following the recent death of genre fiction icon james Herbert, but it took a little while to figure out how to approach it. The resulting piece, JAMES HERBERT - A LOST MASTER has now been published over at and I am most proud of the results. Please do check it out, and feel free to leave comments in the section following the article. I hope you enjoy it.

Rest in Peace, sir.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


My recent interview with Johnny from the GOO GOO DOLLS has been selected as this month's cover feature for the new issue of POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE, and is OUT NOW across the country! We chat about the band's new album, "Magnetic" and a career which has seen them become household names around the world. Please do check it out!