Monday, 28 March 2011

The Curse of the Former Musician

Gah, here we go again. I spent a while today eyeing up new guitars (mine are battered), amps and effects (mine are long gone) and daydreaming of getting back into a band. For those of you that are not aware, once upon a time I was part of a band called RED20, for which I played guitar on three CDs and live. Those days ended, and ever since then I have occasionally succumbed to the Curse Of The Former Musician. This curse manifests itself every few months in myself, but in other cases frequency may vary.

This most curious condition leads the sufferer to crave being onstage in some sweaty little dive, blinded by stage lights and his own sweat, playing to an unappreciative crowd alongside people you keep having arguments with.

These symptoms soon fade when the Former Musician remembers all the hard times between the classic moments. The blazing rows. The dropped notes. The broken strings. The heckles from drunk morons in the audience. The fortune spent on rehearsal rooms and junk food.

But remembrance of these less than stellar moments does not do away with the Curse forever, as it is certain to return a few months later, and the cycle begins again. How can this condition be treated? I am as yet unsure. As it is, it helps to look at the price tags on new gear, which is always good for bringing you down to earth again, but sadly this doesn't stop it bugging you.

The Former Musician wants to put right what went wrong, and make up for the missed opportunities and the fights and the gear fuckups, the bad gigs and the angry words that were once shared between close friends. I do not enjoy being a bearer of this particular malaise, but holy shit I miss being in a band. It's okay, I'll go and look at guitar prices and see sense again. Temporarily.

Mind you... maybe... just maybe...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Captain America: Will this be as awesome as it looks?

With everything I see about the new Captain America movie starring Chris Evans and Hugo weaving, I'm getting genuinely more excited. When the project was first announced I pretty much shrugged. I'm English, and thus Cap has nowhere near as much interest to me than he perhaps does to a US based fan, but with the trailers, photos and word of mouth building towards a crescendo now, I think I'm sold on it.

It has the right director in Joe Johnston, a good cast, and from the clips we've seen it looks fantastic. I just hope that it manages to find a decent audience beyond the US as well as in its homeland, otherwise the forthcoming Avengers movie may have hit an early snag.

Anyway, with the director of The Rocketeer bringing us some serious WWII Captain America action (and hopefully a satisfying transition to the modern age at the film's climax), I know I'll be there on the opening weekend for some shield-flinging action. Just don't expect me to sing 'Amazing Grace'.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Wake up, shut up, hang up

Get off your bloody phone. Seriously. The next person who gets in my way in the street while paying more attention to the screen of their expensive Smartphone is going to get it snatched out of their hand, smothered in bleach, set on fire and rammed violently into their anus. Sideways. There is an entire world of stuff going on around you, and your furious thumb-swiping is making you miss out on your life.

I'm all for mobile computing, mobile games and ever more methods of communication, but what I'm not into is having to run the gauntlet of hunched-over hipsters, WAGs and giggly students who have had their eyes surgically attached to their touchscreens.

While out shopping this afternoon, I had to swerve, duck, avoid and otherwise elude at least twenty of these pricks in the street. While in another city at the weekend, there were hordes of them holding up bus queues by continuing to talk with their phone held against their shoulder while they struggled to get fare change out of their pockets.

In the supermarket they stop at random in front of you, causing you to shudder to a halt with your basket of sharp objects, leading you to take said sharp objects and saw off the side of their heads in order to get their bloody phones away from their ears. Seriously though, get off your phone and get your life back. Then at least you'll haave something to talk/Tweet/update your status about.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Coming soon...

Very soon I'll be able to tell you all about the Robin Hood project I was commisioned to draw. What I can say now is that the art is some of the best I have ever created, and the colours (by the massive talents of Dowson Creative) have put a brilliant modern spin on the classic notions of the legendary characters involved in the stories of the famous outlaw.

The image you see here will not be part of the exhibition, and the designs you will soon see are rather different, but it's the test image I drew when the project was first mentioned to me. I think it teases the real thing nicely! I can't post any of the completed pieces just yet, but will be able to reveal all soon.

A new page will soon be added to this site, showcasing a gallery of recent comic art that fine folks have been hiring me for :)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

DEAD THING: The final cover of my new book - REVEALED!!!

It is with great pleasure that I reveal the cover of my new book, DEAD THING, in all its gory glory. I was unhappy with the previous cover for the book and as such approached a brilliant artist and good friend, Richard Woollatt, with a layout sketch. The finished cover, featuring his amazing artwork, is presented below with a watermark.

The book, a brutal (and rather English) horror novella will be available VERY SOON!!!

Now, here's the amazing cover. I'm thrilled with this image!