Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Exciting times ahead!

I've received word that a story of mine will be showing up in a publication that was extremely influential to me as a kid visiting the Sheffield Space Centre, Nostalgia and Comics (latterly Forbidden Planet) and other similar establishments that fuelled my head with thrill power.

Once it gets announced I'll link to it here. I am pretty much foaming at the mouth with excitement about this.

This is turning out to be quite a year creatively, with some very exciting projects being talked about for myself and also a couple of collaborations.

Femforce 175 and Femforce 176 have been revealed, both featuring new stories scripted by me, with art by some truly gifted individuals. I'm developing ideas for more FF stories after some really inspiring messages from AC Comics' Mark Heike.

SCREAM MAGAZINE continues to carry the VHS Ate My Brain column, and my book of the same name continues to sell over two years since its release, so THANK YOU!!!

I'll be able to share some Powerplay news soon here, but for now I must strap myself into the sentient harness that knows my every whim and aim my fingers at the right keys enough times to thrash out the next story.

Oh. New book still to come this year too. Plus a Kindle novella. And some other things.

I am having a ridiculous amount of fun with projects right now, and I am incredibly grateful for every single one.

I'll be less vague shortly ;)

Much love,